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Free Software downloads
Leica LAS AF lite (Download): opens SP5 confocal LIF files
Leica LCS lite (Download): opens SP1 and SP2 confocal LEI files
Image J (website , Download): extremely useful tool for image analysis, can import all image formats produced in the facility in combination with Loci-Bioformats plugin.
Loci-Bioformats (Download): ImageJ plugin to import most commonly used microscopy file formats (eg. Leica LIF/LEI, Metamorph STK, Deltavision R3D).
Installation: download loci_tools.jar file to ImageJ/plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
CellProfiler (Website, Download Manual): High content screening software, but generally useful for automated quantitative image analysis on a smaller scale.
Introduction to light microscopy and advanced techniques
Imperial College Laser Safety
Fluorophore spectra